Displaying member data in javascript (not in html)

Hi everyone

I’m adding an embeded calendly form in my Webflow site.
It is a JS script which looks like this:

On memberstack, we can show the current connected member data in a HTML way: data-ms-member="[field-id]" . I’d like to prefill the script with the member’s data.

Do you know how I could transform this into JS language so instead of prefill:{name: “John Doe”} I’ll have something like “prefill:{name: data-ms-member name}”?

Thank you!

Hey Roxane :wave:

To do something like you are wanting would require using the front-end API :smiley:

We do not know if using our front-end API is doable for you or not. If you do not understand how to use it we recommend adding your project to our Find an Expert form.