Do you have such functionality?


Do you have such functionality for creating like a social market site where people can sell their goods and services, so users can login, create their adds with text, pictures and publish it on certain page of my site, visible for everyone?

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Hi Nikita! Thanks for the post and welcome to the community :wave:

Are users just “listing” their goods and services (like craigslist), or should the sale actually take place online (like Airbnb)?

I haven’t seen any completed Airbnb style sites, but I know the listing option is totally possible. It just requires a bit of additional setup work with a no code tool like Zapier or Integromat.

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Hi Duncan!

Thanks for your answer and sorry for my late reply.

Yes, it’s like craiglist or
I do sites on Webflow but there’s no functionality for this case. So a user makes his/her ad with text and pictures and after that he/she presses a publish button and his/her ad appears on a certain page of my site. And there can be different plans (free, premium) and premium ads are more big and highlited. Thats so great if possible to do this no coding. That no coding tools you mentioned can do that?

Thanks a lot!

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