Does Memberstack supports iDeal

heya folks,

I’m new on !

My name is Jack and I’m running a website (

Centraalklus is a website where home owners can place a (small) job wich has to happend in or around there house, freelancers in the building sector can create proposals or make an application for the job.

currently nothing is automated and we’re willing to use webflow, zapier, airtable & for connecting all the dots together.

the only main problem is that in The Netherlands, we’re using iDeal as way of transfering money. does memberstack support iDeal or is memberstack able to create SEPA?

We’re currently using a formule of a yearly subscription where a freelancer buys a code for 1 year.

has anyone done this before & availible to support me in this process? Let me know :wink:



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And are customers able to manage there one subscription?

Hey Jack, thanks for reaching out.

At the moment we do not support iDeal :neutral_face:

We hope to add iDeal support, but I don’t have an eta for you just yet.