Duda: Allow users to update custom fields in their profile


I am using Duda, and would like to have an account page on my site where customer can make edits to the custom field data they provided when they signed up.

There is a tutorial already for this in Webflow, but it appear to function the same way within Duda. Can somebody help with this and post a tutorial of how to do this in Duda?

Hey Ryan :wave:

To do this you would use the profile modal. When a user is logged in they would be able to see the field and edit it from the modal. :grinning:

Thanks @Josh-Lopez. So I totally understand this part of it. I have that profile modal set up so users can change very basic stuff like email, password and billing info.

I have a lot of customer signup fields that I capture, such as dates, times, phone numbers etc, that the modal doesn’t format very well. I want want customer to be able be able to change these anytime.

How can I create a form within Duda to update those fields? In this video Duncan shows how you can update customer profile fields via a form on a webflow site. IS there a similar tutorial for Duda? Or is it the same tag you use in this video?

Another question @Josh-Lopez,

Here’s a video with several issue sI am having that i have written about below. This may be better context then te written bullets below. .

The attributes in the instructional videos for signup and for login forms are not the same as what i am seeing in my account…

Here they are in the video:

And here is what I am seeing in my account:

Also, none of the users custom signup form data is saving to the account, and I cannot seem to get the form in my users account to actually update that data.