Duda website platform: Private Individual Team Pages

Duncan, can Memberstack accomplish this for a Duda website? I have a client that needs to setup logins for each of his salespersons (about 50 salesman). Where once the salesperson creates their username and password, it will take each salesperson to their own dedicated Duda page. Can this be done with Memberstack?

Lastly, if possible, is each Salesperson’s dedicated Duda page only exclusive to Dealers that know the password? I saw the Duda tuturial video you made and I see it basically takes them to only 2 pages (a Free Duda page and Paid Duda page) that multiple users can access. Each dedicated salesperson’s Duda page needs to be private/exclusive to only the salesperson or their team members that know the password.Is this possible with Memberstack? Please advise.



Hi @csanz, yes you can! You’re looking for this feature: https://help.memberstack.io/post/user-specific-pages

If you have any trouble/questions just let me know.

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