Dynamically inserting a slug into user dashboard


So I have followed the steps for this discussion and am still having a hard time getting it to work. Looking for so help.
Fourm I am referring to:

So I have a members template here

The information will be specific to each user and it’s pulled from the CMS.

I realized I was stuck because I needed a away for the user to access their “dashboard”, which is the slug I created for them in their account, but I couldn’t find a great way, or anyway, for a user to access their slug.

What I did was put their slug using Zapier into their Memberstack account. I wanted to assign their slug to a button so when the user who is logged in clicks it, it would take them to their dashboard. (this is talked about in the link above)

My issue is - I have no clue what I did wrong.
Here is the attribute I labeled as well as the code snippet @DuncanHamra and @belltyler provided in the previous link.

and the attribute:

I publish the site and it keeps coming back as null. So the attribute is not being picked up.

Hi Josh!

It sounds like what you need here is our built in member specific pages feature.


Instead of trying to save their profile slug to a profile field and using code to display it, you can rely on the specific pages feature to automate all of that.

When using that feature, we have an attribute called ms-member-page that will automatically populate their link.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this!