Dynamicly insert profile slug into Dashboard


I have connected my webflow page to Memberstack and have built a dashboard for each user.

when they log-in they are redirected to their dashboard where they can do updates on their profile.

All profiles are visible to all logged in users.

What the issue is, is that I want each user to see their profile by clicking a link inside of their dashboard.

This link:

When they click I want it to take them to their “public” profile.

All users have a profile with a unique slug. as seen here:


I want all of this to happen automatically, so that the link is live when the user has made their profile.

I am using Zapier and have connected it with CMS collections in Webflow.



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Hi Paul, nice setup!

Just to clarify, you’re looking for a way to link to a user’s specific CMS page from a dynamic profile page (all users share this profile page, but the info is provided by MemberStack).

I’m guessing MemberStack knows what their specific CMS page URL is? And you just want to get that link into the page?

Hi Duncan!

Thank you for your reply.

So when the member sign up, I grab the info in MemberStack and push it into a Webflow form. This info is then used as live webflow CMS item to created a user profile that is visible to all members.

Each profile has a unique URL that is created with the slug in webflow. This slug is both in Membestack and webdflow as I update the profile with Zapier.

I want to be able to insert each users unique URL into their dashboard so they can see go to their own profile to see how it looks. Much like you can in e.g, LinkedIn and Upwork see how your profile looks for others.

Is this possible?



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@belltyler do we have any code lying around to populate an href from a user’s profile? I know I’ve seen it before, but can’t find it.

    MemberStack.onReady.then(function(member) {
        // do things with the member object
        var url = member["url"]

        document.querySelector("[url]").href = url

Here’s a short video explaining how to use it.


Hi Tyler!

works perfect. :smiley:

Thank you!




Hi @belltyler and @DuncanHamra.

I have a follow-up question to this. Maybe you or someone else can help.

I am trying to figure out who to get the profile url for each member into their memberstack profile without me doing it manually.

I don’t want to create a member-specific page, but I want each member to have a page they can see their profile.

I use their Memberstack ID as the profile extension, e.g test.webflow.io/member/MS-ID… I send the slug to webflow into the slug field and their site is created.

When the member signs up it is set up with Zapier so that their profile is created in webflow and the member is redirected to their dashboard.

The member now has a live profile with a unique URL. They can click a button to see their profile.

Today I am filling in the field manually in memberstack.

So my question is: In memberstack I have a field called profile-url, which I want to auto-populate with their actual profile URL in the moment they sign up.

Is this possible?



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Hi Paul, you’re in luck!

This article should tell you everything you need to know. If you have any questions, just let me know.


Hi Duncan,

Thank you. I already have tried that option, but I have an issue as I want to have two different member specific pages.

The case is this:

Membership one has a member specific page. URL-one
Membership two has a member specific page. URL-two

Now I can define one URL only and they are the same regardless of membership.

My members go down two routes when they sign up, one freelancer and one agent. The member specific page for each are different member has different content.

If possible through memberstack it would be awesome :slight_smile:



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Does this clarify things a bit?


Thanks for the video.

The issue was that I wanted to update a designated field in the members Memberstack profile with their profile URL. And I wanted that to happen dynamically when they signed up.

And I managed used google sheets (and some code) and zapier :smiley:

So all good.




Hi @belltyler

This is really helpful. Where would I put the script?