E-commerce and fees

I am considering trying memberstack with webflow for a membership site, but am confused about something:

Does memberstack offer their own ecommerce platform, the same way that webflow or ecwid or shopify do?

If they do, that’s great because it means I don’t have to pay extra for webflow’s ecommerce plan, and can stick to the CMS plan. But if they don’t offer ecommerce functionality, then how can they charge a %fee of every transaction if they aren’t the ones processing them?

That adds up a lot: webflow’s cut, memberstack’s cut and stripe’s cut. We’re close to 10% now!


You don’t need webflow’s ecommerce plan to use Memberstack :smile: You can stick with the CMS plan.

Memberstack’s fee only takes place for charges that are processed by Memberstack.

Please let me know if you have anymore questions about this!

Thanks! So let’s say that i decide to use webflow’s ecommerce instead, i only pay memerstack’s monthly fee?

Also, this option raises two questions:

  1. Because i’m not generating any revenue from memberstack, can i stay in the $25 plan forever so long as my membership stays below 10,000 people? Or does memberstack somehow communicate with webflow to see how much money I am making on webflow’s ecommerce?

Also, will we need to use some extra coding to connect the memberships purchased via webflow ecommerce, to our memberstack member database?

Ah I see what you’re asking now!

If you need memberships in Webflow, then webflow’s e-commerce will not work. They don’t offer subscriptions just yet.

To offer memberships inside webflow you will need to use Memberstack, or something like us :slightly_smiling_face:

That said, if you also want to sell goods on webflow then their e-commerce feature is fantastic.

ok. so webflow cms + memberstack gives my site the ability to sell recurring memberships…

and i can create anything i want in webflow designer for paying members, and memberstack will ensure that only paying members see that content. right?

That’s correct! :grinning:

thanks for the fast replies amigo

if we’re using memberstack to sell memberships, what happens when someone signs up and creates a profile?

  1. do they enter a membership database hosted by memberstack or webflow?

  2. if so, can we access this database easily?

  3. can it be made so that the members themselves can access this database?

  4. cdo we need to use zapier to connect the database to mailchimp?

  1. All data is stored in Memberstack. Billing info is stored directly in your stripe account.

  2. Yes! All user data can be accessed through our admin dashboard

  3. Not by default. If you want to create public profiles, you’ll need to use Webflow’s CMS and Zapier to make that work. Essentially you would send user information to Webflow so a CMS item is created for them. I’ll try to find a tutorial – I’ll post it here if I find one.

  4. We have a Zapier app that would let you connect to mailchimp.

just to clarify, these “public” profiles would only be visible to the members once they log in… that’s doable yes?.. hidden cms collections only accessible to members?

Yep, that’s possible!

ok great. looking forward to that tutorial if you can find one. thanks again tyler


I’m considering using memberstack to add user login functionality to an e-commerce website which I am building on webflow.

I’m using webflow’s e-commerce plan (starter version) - which charges 2% transaction fees.

If I use memberstack to provide user logins and user-specific vouchers for them to use at checkout, how exactly does this work?

Would that mean I pay 2% (webflow) + 3% (memberstack) + stripe fees on top?

As the original poster said, this gets really large really quick, and doesn’t make sense as I’d only be using either webflow or memberstack to accept payments.

As such can you provide some more colour on the below?

For a payment where a user logs in to their dashboard and later checks out using a voucher that’s available to him/her thanks to memberstack, would I pay only memberstack the 3% + stripe? Or would it be 3% memberstack + 2% webflow + stripe?

Equally, if customer comes onto the website with no user login / no interaction with any memberstack related functions and performs a simple quick buy / cart checkout, would I pay only webflow their 2% + stripe? Or, would it again be all 3 fees every single time?

Sorry if this has been covered, I’ve had a look around on the forums but wasn’t able to find a specific answer regarding the above.

Please let me know if anything above is unclear and I’d be happy to clarify further.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @harshp03! Sorry, seems like we missed this thread but all totally valid questions.

So basically, the way Memberstack processes transaction fees, is that any-time a payment is going through Stripe (via Memberstack), is when the % fees are applied. If you’re selling something via Webflow E-commerce that doesn’t actually get ‘processed’ by Stripe/Memberstack but instead directly via Webflow, our transaction fees are not applicable there.

You can use Memberstack’s user logins & accounts features anywhere on the site and the transaction fees on our plans are not directly associated with the ‘use’ this feature. Does that help?

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