Email Already Taken on signup

I am attempting to make a signup form on a webflow site. I’m new to both memberstack and webflow so am probably messing something up. However, when I go through my signup form I get an “Email Already Taken” error or a “Missing Credentials” error when I go to the checkout modal. The error is different when using different chrome profiles but I can’t think of a differentiating feature between them so not sure what is driving the different error. If I signup using the login modal everything works. Any ideas?

Hey Jeremy,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to Memberstack🎉

Would you be able to send us a quick loom video outlining the problem? If you send it to we will get back to you via email😀

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Hey Jeremy, can you confirm that your Stripe account is still connected?

That “Missing Credentials” error usually means something’s wrong with the Stripe → Memberstack connection.