Email Notification Sequence

Hello all,

Do Memberstack or Stripe send new members a sign up / payment confirmation email when they have signed up? Or is this something I should set up via 3rd party email like MailChimp, linked with Zapier?


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Hey George :wave:

Great question, This is something you would need to create using zapier. :smiley:

We do this to make it as flexible as possible. What would your preference be and why?

Hey Josh!

Preferences would be for members to receive two emails upon sign up, one confirming their account/membership details and one confirming payment (which I would prefer to come directly from Stripe, as they are handling the transaction). However, I would want control over the design… Personally, if Memberstack or Stripe did send default confirmation emails, I’d probably bypass them if they didn’t match my branding.


This is the reason we do not send emails to be honest. You can use zapier to send out custom emails from mailchimp or any other email service. :smiley: