Email service provider

What is everyone using for their email service provider?

I am currently using converkit but the integration is lacking.

I’m really just trying to create a paid newsletter so I need the ability to send people emails based on their subscription level. It works at first but if someone cancels their subscription it’s not sent to convertkit.

This isn’t a huge issue right now because I am very small but I need something that will scale over time.

Any suggestion for a two way communication between email and memberstack?

Hey Henry :wave:

You should be able to keep using what you’re doing. You would just need to create another zapier trigger for when a member cancels that then goes to convertkit and cancels there. Here is an article about zapier. :grinning:

Are you ever going to create a native connection with Convertkit? This doesn’t seem like the best way to do things. Very easy to have things mess up.

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Hello again Henry :wave:

The answer is yes but I cannot give you an ETA on this at the moment. What I can say is our dev team is working no a framework right now that will allow us to release more integrations quicker in the future. Currently, we only have a dev team of 2. They are amazing and we are also working on hiring more for that team. :grinning: