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I really want to make sure users receive an email during the sign up process to verify their email address. This is a key core feature for my projects.


Hi @stevewillbe this is a “must-have” feature on our to-do list. In the meantime, would a second “Confirm your email” field be a enough to get you by? That’s possible right now with a bit of code.


No I never think thats very useful it doesn’t really achieve much as people copy and paste. Also it still doesn’t verify that people are using a real active address. which is the main point of this feature

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Hello @stevewillbe! Just a rough idea here…

What if your first step in the process was to have them create an account that signs them up for a free membership. Then set the redirect to send them to a “thank you page” that asks them to check their email and click the link to verify their account. Use some kind of integration like Zapier or an email program like Drip and automatically send anyone that signs up for that free membership a specific link to the next step in the sign-up process. That link would be to a page that would contain the actual button(s) with the proper membership attributes so then they would “upgrade” from the free membership to a paid version. This way if they don’t get the email or use a bogus email then they can’t move forward in the process.


Ooo that’s clever. :heart_eyes: This could be a great short term solution while we build out the feature ourselves. Thanks @jmatias!


Thanks @jmatias thats one work around. I’m actually combining memberstack with a SaaS that I have written so I could follow your idea or just code it in myself as a next step after sign up. its just that ideally the less moving parts the better and it feels like something I should get from memberstack as its a core signup functionality. But you are right in the meantime there are work arounds.


Hi all, could anybody explain the workaround idea in more details. I am struggling to get a clear picture about how to get it done. Preferred would be a n add to a Mailchimp list with the signup … or before the final signup. Would be super helpful as i have a project where this is mandatory and i just found out that there is more or less no email functionality within the features of Memberstack.
Would it be possible to assign a form in Webflow to 2 instances … like to Memberstack AND Mailchimp the same time? This is pretty pretty urgent for me :slight_smile:

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has email verification already been added?

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I don’t think so. Still waiting here.


Me too… I’d also love this feature

Almost the end of September now, has this feature been added? Doesn’t Stripe require validated emails to collect funds?

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Any updates here?
This is must-have feature, else we have a lot of trash emails…

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:wave:here’s a screencast of mine that I just put up walking through solving this exact problem:

Always happy to answer questions!

You may check the accepted email regex patterns here and write one for yourself.

Regular expressions are a bad way to go. They always break or never fully cover all cases. It’s best to actually send a verification email and have the site visitor click a confirmation link.

This feature is so overdue. Can we please prioritize this? There should be no way emails shouldn’t be verified. Just give me an event to at least integrate into.