Enabling member to generate content

I am trying to create an easy website on webflow with membership but I would like to feed the member page with member specific data and I would like to send more data than the sign up informations (email and name for example).

basically I would like enable each member to fill out a form once they are signed in and render them on the front end their own data based on the form they filled out. I was thinking of using data collection and trying to filter the data based on the member slug.

I think it would require to:

  • inject the member slug somewhere in the form
  • somehow (maybe with zapier) sending the data from the form to the cms collection
  • render the member specific data on their own account by filtering the cms data on the slug on comparing it to the member slug

In your view is it possible to do that?

Hey Pierre,

This is absolutely possible - it’s exactly what I’m building out right now for a project.

So you can set up Zapier to watch for a new form submission (with a unique form name), then pull that information into a new live CMS item. I also use Airtable to sit between the process and act as a lookup for member ID’s etc.

Hey Pierre :wave:

Here is a good video to help you out! :grinning:

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