Ending user session if the user is deleted from the dashboard

Hi there,

I had researched for a way to only allow people to get access who belong in a list. Which is not part of the functionality of memberstack. The best I could find then was to add a password to the signup form on Webflow which wasn’t a great user experience.

I came up with an alternative solution.

  1. Add user in Airtable
  2. Zapier sends them the link for sign up
  3. They sign up
  4. Zapier checks if they were invited or not from Airtable
  5. If not, deletes the user.

Now the problem:
The session remains active even if I go to different pages after my test account is deleted by Zapier.

Is there a way to force check if the account still exists on the frontend? If not, log the user out?

Hi @veermanhas I’ve been having the same issue. I’ve reached out to support and spoken to @belltyler directly about it. They are aware of the issue and as far as I know they are working on a fix. You can read more about the issue here (it’s a different issue but the same bug).

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Thanks @ChrisDrit, appreciate this. I hope this is fixed soon and maybe in the near future we could have access to the session management.

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