Establish which members were signed up from a certain establishment

Hello all

I have a question regarding establishing which establishment (Employer) a member came from.

Basically I will be going to different EMPLOYERS and they will have their EMPLOYEES sign up ! is their a way of me seeing which employees came from which EMPLOYER? there will be many different employers but under them, I would like to see only their employees.

I hope that makes sense

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You can add a custom field to your signup form for Company/Employer. Go here when logged into Memberstack then click on the “Add custom fields” button and name it Company/Employer. Now, this field will be shown on the signup form. :smiley:

Hi Josh

Thanks so much for the prompt reply, I though about that exact thing so thanks for clarifying.

Is there a way of seeing when these employees have signed in and from which employer? sort of a monthly report if you will to show the employer? So can we report on this employer field to show the employer? I need to be able to report back to the employers monthly to show them their employees are benefiting and using the website.

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Off the top of my head I could think of a somewhat obscure and potentially complicated way of doing this using Zapier and Airtable (essentially creating a custom login form, including hidden data in the login form which, when submitted, passes via Zapier to Airtable and using that as your database / rollup to produce the report).

That is from the top of my head though and may not work - I’ve not done it before.

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Thanks Andy was not even aware of airtable, seems like a very powerfull tool, thanks for introducing me to it, WOW

Will certainly check it out