Event management dashboard

I’m currently testing how I can design an event management dashboard.

Event website with a dashboard for orgnasiers and exhibitors to login and manage content. The organsier can use webflow to add content via the CMS but this would need to sync with the exhibitor profile which would be genearted on memberstack.

The exhibitor back end needs to include input forms that they can submit to the organisers, and will generate CMS items, including what brands they will display, company info. website, company logo, company product news and so on.

All seeming possible but I’m finding it complicated to plan out the sign up stage and how content will link to a specific exhibitor if its added by the organsiers via the webflow CMS.

Ideally the organsier would set up the exhibitor and then they would get access to their account. When adding them a CMS item needs to be created too for the public exhibiting listing. If the organiser has to do this twice, once for memberstack and then again to add a CMS item I don’t think they would accpet this.

I’m working away on it and look forward to sharing my progress, if anyone has done anything similar or see’s any red flags it would be awesome to get some feedback/guidence.


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Hey Scott, wanted to check-in here — did you manage to make progress? Would love to hear how you went about building this. :smiley: