Event Ticketing Question

I am wondering if we could build a member stack site with event ticketing functionality. It seems damn possible at the beginning but when it comes to payment, I get stuck. So I’m looking for your opinions/inspirations to deeply dive into no-code.

So it’s like we need to offer different experiences for both logged in and logged-out users while making payment. Current I’m using ticket tailor but each time it asks for the user mail and payment details. We shouldn’t have to ask user for email address or payment details each time the user buy a ticket.

Is there any glue with Zapier available for member stack - ticket tailor communication to achieve this functionality?

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You could do it in reverse. So after a ticket is purchased you can create a new Memberstack member through zapier (must be on the scale pricing plan in Memberstack). These members would have to be in a free membership plan but if you do not have another way to create members on your site besides purchasing a ticket this could work.

Thanks Josh! I am trying that way, will let you know how it goes.

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Hey @Josh-Lopez I have an edit, maybe I rephrase my question again for more clarity

The membership on our event site is free. The members just get a special dashboard and early event updates. That’s it.

The logged in and logged out experience are almost same during ticket purchase except that logged-in users don’t have to type their name and email.

So an edit in between : I planned to use native Webflow e-com (as they recently released selling digital goods that is in beta) functionality coupled with Airtable and zapper for event ticketing instead of ticket tailor.

The default normal checkout experience in Webflow will have name and address field apart from payment details.

So my question is : Does member stack offer a function that can hide name and email of members(logged in users) and they directly go for payment?

Possibly. If you are able to add attributes to the email and name fields you can use the data-ms-member=“email” and data-ms-member=“name” attributes. This will auto populate the field with the Memberstack data for the user. :smiley:

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