Expired credit cards


What is the process for me to manage members who have soon-to-be-expired credit cards linked to their memberships?


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Great question. Memberstack doesn’t keep track of credit card expiration’s. This would be something you may be able to do using zapier and Stripe.

Thanks Josh.

Are memberstack-specific payments identifiable in Stripe?

I have various different payments connected to Stripe and need to be able to report on monthly revenue coming from my memberstack site.

Ooo good question… you will need something like Profitwell or Baremetrics to break out and analyze your various Stripe plans. Memberstack will create a plan for you in Stripe, but Stripe doesn’t make it easy to analyze revenue per plan.


What reporting does Memberstack provide?

We do not currently have any reporting. This would be done in stripe for paying members and as an export within Memberstack for everyone else. :grinning: