Favourite list ❤️ CMS Items Webflow/Memberstack

Hi! Is this possible using memberstack??
When a user login they get access to a list of CMS items. When they press a “add to fav” button a item is added to å favourite list. This list should of course be saved for next time they login.

Extra (not a must but would be awesome) :

  • Each CMS item is a company and got a profile. When a user likes a company, the company is added to the users fav list. The company also gets a list of all the users that likes their company.

Extra extra (would be next level awesome):

  • A administrator can get a overview of all users and which companies they like. Admin can also see how many likes each company got.

Thanks in advance!!


You might want to look into this template for Webflow: https://webflow.com/website/Like-save-favorite-bookmark-etc

Also there’s a Loom video explaining how it all works: https://www.loom.com/share/b3b0dbad82b24e058912bdd42d2b8c75

I never tried it myself, but it seems like a very good starting point for what you want to achieve.