Feature request - oAuth & subscriptions API

•• Please build something that lets me…
We need two options for auth and additional APIs for subscriptions

  1. Login with Memberstack - Memberstack OAUTH provider - Memberstack users can login to our existing website with their memberstack credentials.

  2. Login with our site - we create an oAUTH provider and memberstack lets our existing users login to memberstack

  3. Share subscriptions between memberstack and our site…
    we will need an API to let us know which memberstack users have a subscription, and to tell memberstack if a user subscribes on our platform’s own subscriptions tool

••• This is important to me because…
Our marketing team built some things with memberstack that dont connect to our platform. Many users are complaning that they cant authenticate to one site with the credentials from the other…

••• My current workaround is…
huff and puff… remind users they have seperate credentials for our memberstack and for our platform


Thank you for sharing this, Alex! No ETA right now, but I’ll let you know when that changes.

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+1 vote for this feature.

Lack of Authentication APIs is the only thing that prevents us from launching memberstack-powered website for 50k existing users. We are facing exactly the same problem, - members would not want to have two accounts; this will be confusing.


Up vote for this feature too!

Badly need this feature.
We want to provide SSO for our Tribe.co community!.