Few questions as I have hit a wall

Hey there,

I am working on setting up Memberstack for my dog subscription box service (built on Webflow) and despite making some progress, I have hit a wall and have a few questions as I am unsure if there’s a solution or will I have to move to a completely different system…

1)Alternative payment options to Stripe
The business is based in Slovenia, Europe, and here, people tend to use PayPal or pay with direct bank transfers.

I browsed around the forum and roadmaps, but haven’t seen anything concrete on when do you plan on adding PayPal as a payment option. Any news on that?

And regarding direct bank transfers, any ideas on how to go about that? I assume I’d be able to do something with Zapier and sending the invoice via email, but the problem is getting their membership sorted out in Memberstack…

2)Option to change plans in the user’s dashboard
There are 3 plans in the service (where the contents differ rather than the payment intervals), and I wish to have the options or users to upgrade or downgrade…

I did see a couple of posts and the tutorial on how to “hack” and change paid plans for users, but is there any way to make it possible for the users to do it on their own?

There are 2 languages on the site - English and Slovenian (due to high localization needs), is there any way to localize the Memberstack content as well? The reset password popup, checkout, etc…?

4)Checkout customization
Following your guide, I was able to set up a multi-step onboarding for users. Thanks for the guide, it was great.

However, as I had to put the new users on a free plan while they’re onboarding, when they get to the checkout step, the CTA states “Change membership” which is not the best experience, as they didn’t even know they’re on a plan. Is there any way to customize this form? At least in terms of the copy?


Hey David :wave:

Welcome, and thank you for posting in the forum! :partying_face:

Thank you for the detailed post. Currently, we only have integration with Stripe as a payment system. To allow members to change their membership plan you would send them to a page with buttons for the different memberships. Here is an article on how to translate your site using weglot. And lastly, you can change the UI text. Here is an article on how to do that.

Thanks again! :grinning:

Thanks for the response Josh!

Any idea when PayPal will be supported at least?

David, ill be honest and say it’s in our backlog but we haven’t started development on it at all and do not have an ETA. :cry: