Few questions before I switch

I currently am using MembershipWorks. I’d like a few answers before I decide to switch to Memberstack.

  1. Can I have a publicly-facing map and directory (with profiles for each member) using Memberstack? Do you seamlessly integrate with Community Box or a similar service yet?

  2. Is this forum using Circle? (i.e. is this how I can expect it to look and operate?)

  3. Any integrations with other forums such as Muut?

  4. Any integrations with Affiliate platforms other than Rewardful?

  5. CCPA and GDPR - are you covered? How can I offer this to my international customers?

  6. I am on Stripe and MembershipWorks - how likely is it that I’ll be able to seamlessly move my current members’ yearly automatic payments, profile information, directory information, etc to Memberstack (plus Community Box or whatever I use for directories in Memberstack)?

Thank you so much!

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Hey Paul :wave:

First off, super excited to hear you want to use Memberstack :blush:

However I’m worried we don’t have all the features you need yet. Everything on your list is on our roadmap, but most of it isn’t live yet.

  1. Not yet.
  2. This forum is using Discourse.
  3. Only a circle integration right now.
  4. Rewardful is the only direct affiliate integration. You can use other tools with Stripe though.
  5. Yes :+1: However you’ll need to build your own signup form to include the checkbox.
  6. Paid imports are something else we’re working on. It’s possible, but requires quite a bit of dev time.

Just to add to Duncan’s reply about the Discourse forum: if you need an in-depth guide on how to set a Discourse forum up, here’s an article I wrote showing you how to do this. Please pardon me for linking to a different forum!

Just reach out to me if you get stuck with any of it.