File upload (pdf, doc, jpeg) to multi-page onboarding form


I want to replicate this form ( as a multi page onboarding form using the following template from the freebies (

It requires pop ups on privacy page links and most importantly, uploads of doc, docx, pdf, jpeg files.

Is this possible in Memberstack?

Hey Karl!

Yes I believe this is possible. Duncan made a great video here about signup forms

If you need further help just reply. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply Josh, I’ve had a look at the video you linked.

However, I need to know whether this is possible.

  1. Memberstack Signup Form - fields in memberstack member profile also fill in fields in the Webflow CMS.
    New members signing up using the multi-page form will also fill in the members memberstack profile and webflow’s cms fields too.

I need to use these Webflow CMS fields at a later stage to add a front end member profile to add a searchable database of members to the site.

If Memberstack can collect this data and fill both the memberstack membership profile and webflow cms when a new member is signing up that’d be fantastic.

Would that be possible to achieve, with or without a zapier integration?

Most importantly
2. I need to add file uploads to the memberstack signup form (screenshot attached) is this possible?
An example of this is on the link when you select member button and next step.

Popup Modules
3. On the memberstack multi-page form there is the checkbox on page 1 for I agree to the [Terms] and [Privacy Policy] can these links be popul modules so the t&c’s are presented in a popup instead of linking off to another page?

Thanks for your help, i cant wait get started building this form.

Hello again!

Let me try and answer your questions as well as I can. :slight_smile:

1 & 2: Here is a good tutorial on how to create something like you are wanting. It has file uploads and everything.

3: Yes you can! All you have to do is click on the link in webflow and view the settings. Check the “Open in new tab” and it will open in a new tab in your browser.