Filter CMS Collection by Logged In User


I have a Zapier workflow set up that sends a form submission to a live CMS item which then is published to the collection. A hidden field passes the member’s email address to the CMS collection along with the other information, but where I’m not struggling is how do I display only the CMS items that match the logged in user’s email? The filtering option seems to allow this, but wondering what type of Javascript I may need to make this happen or if there’s a simpler solution?

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Hey Logan :wave:

I am trying to wrap my head around this question. Will you please make a video explaining a little further please?

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Hey, Josh! Sure thing. Here’s a quick explainer.


I‘ve actually done something similar. You could add the Webflow CMS-Item ID to memberstack profiles and the CMS-Item in Webflow. Then add it in a hidden textfield in your page. Afterwards I use a little Jquery to remove all items that don‘t contain the ID.

Hey, Marvin! Only fear is that I anticipate there being 30 to 40 CMS items per user, so I assume I’d need 30 to 40 fields to house each CMS item within the Memberstack fields.

Hey Logan :wave:

If you are going to have that many cms items you may have to build a custom website. I think you might hit the limits of webflow depending on how many members you plan to have.

Don’t anticipate it to get too out of control. Plan is to do custom down the line. For now, simply an MVP with a few dozen users.

I did this recently using Chris Spags’ filters by adding a hidden form on the page that has a custom input attribute of name: “data-ms-member” and value: “membership-ID” (you could use emails or any other field)

You can then create a CMS with a multi-reference field to user’s emails that Jetboost filters on. So as soon as the page fully loads, it then filters the CMS to only show the matching items.

It’s not perfect - sometimes a slow loading page will show all CMS items until the filter kicks in, but it works for me for now using non-sensitive information.