Filter CMS List based on logged in user (Personalization)

Hey All!

I’m trying to filter a CMS list based on a field in the MemberStack user.
So in this case I have a website where a user is interested in reading articles marked as “Learning about dementia”, and in the Webflow CMS I have a CMS collection called “Articles” with a category-field that can contain “Learning about dementia”.

See screenshot to explain it all. Obviously this exact method I’m trying to do in the screenshot won’t work without some custom code. In the screenshot I just tried to visualize filtering out the CMS list using “ms-data” personalization method. But maybe someone knows the trick here?


Hi @Rowan

Did you manage to solve for this? That is, figure out a way to filter CMS lists based on the logged in user?


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Afraid not :pensive:

I’m afraid you will need to use something like or MixItUp to filter your collections.

@Rowan I think this screencast I just put out will solve your needs:

I have a series of checkboxes that a logged in member may select. Those checkboxes map to a “tag” in the a Webflow CMS Collection (of blog posts) and shows the logged in member only the posts with tags matching what they’ve selected.

Let me know if this helps?

@Rowan @darius
Did anyone solve this challenge ?