Filter user collections list

Hi there.

I was just wondering if it is possible to filter a collection list based off a currently logged in user. This collection list is setup using the member specific pages collection feature, but I wish to display their profile as a box they click on without having to see other user collections.

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Hey Zachary! Assuming the list is part of a user’s cms item, you can filter that via Webflow. I think the filter says something like, display if = to current item.

For this to work, you’ll need a reference or multi-reference field in the other collection list :+1:

Hope that makes some sense :sweat_smile:

Hi Duncan! What if it’s not apart of the user cms, what if you want to reference the current user on a static page?


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Hi Jacques :wave: There’s no way to do that currently. That would require all of the data coming from Memberstack + a way to display all of the content on the page. Maybe one day :crossed_fingers:

Hey Duncan, thanks for the reply.

Maybe it will help if I provide more context whether this is possible or not.

I have a collection that contains data input by the user via a form. This collection uses a multi-reference field to reference the member it is in relation to.

On a static page, I want to display some of the variables contained within this collection, using a collection list. However, I want to know if I can display only the collection items relevant for the current user, not for every member within that collection.

I’m not sure if using an API/custom code would help, potentially retrieving the webflow member ID of the current user and using that value to filter the collection list, so it only shows data that contains a webflow member id that matches that of the current user (if that makes sense)

Maybe these images will help

Many thanks

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