Follow me feature

Has anyone implemented a “follow me” feature using MemberStack + Webflow?

Hey Domen, what would you expect to have a user experience if they “followed” someone?

Hey @jason_tinnin,

Two things would be great:

  • To see what all people who they follow shared on a separate page (as opposed to discovering random people’s posts); and it was also function as a list of people they could always quickly reference back (people I follow).

Makes sense?


So it’s more about being able to see the posts of people they follow…as well as a list

So a post feed of the people they follow (assumes people are posting somehow)? Where do the posts live?

So just a simple list of who they follow with a link to the person’s page?

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Yes, a feed of the people they follow. People can post on Travelicious their travel experiences. They’re seen in a feed, and in their profiles. I want to implement a follow-me feature so as to let people follow each other and also social proof (X amount of followers), and of course consume content from the people they follow, as opposed to everyone (having two tabs/pages; one for following, one for what the Travelicious feed suggests).

BTW: how’s your site going, did you launch any new courses?

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@DomenKert Where is the post data living? Webflow CMS?

I have more ideas than time…but you can stay updated at and . :slight_smile:

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Yup, in Webflow CMS :slight_smile:

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