Form - Save for later function

Hi @DuncanHamra, as requested I am posting my question here!

So basically we would like to build a form in Webflow where users/members can fill-in in multiple sessions. So they would be able to save and come back later to complete the form and submit.

Is that possible with Thanks!

the cool thing about Memberstack is that you could have them save the form to their “profile”

So the input fields of a form would kind of be like member attributes that can be saved for each member. They could click an “update” or “save” button when they want everything to be saved.

You can use Zapier to get the information into Airtable or Google Sheets if it makes it easier for you. You could also set up email/slack/other alerts with Zapier to notify you when a user has updated something specific if needed?

Hope this helps!

Sounds great @ChrisLally. And would that require some custom codes to implement on Webflow?

Mentioned on slack:

Data Attributes > Set it in the form input

Then set data-ms-form=“signup” to Form ID! Submit button in the form will update member attribute

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