Form Validation Memberstack/Webflow (Phone Number)

Hi everyone!

I’ve used Webflow + Memberstack + Zapier + Twilio to build a personal training site for a friend. However, to send texts once members sign up, Twilio requires you to add the country code (+1 in the US) before the 10 digit number.

We got our first signups last night, but the first 2 users didn’t add the +1 and didn’t get the text messages with training information. Is there a way to do form validation between Memberstack & Webflow?

My apologies if this has been covered elsewhere and thank you for any help or insight you can add!


Hey Raymahl :wave:

I would add a minLength attribute to the phone number field and set it to a number like 11 so they have to add the country code. Here is a screenshot of how that would look for the field in webflow.


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Thank you, that worked perfectly!

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Hey Ray! :wave:
Congrats on those signups!

One way we do it is to include a step in Zapier between data collection and Twilio and run the numbers through the Formatter. Give it a search on Zapier and you’ll find it.

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Thank you!

That’s really cool! I’ll def look into it for sure!