Free trial for one time payment memberships options

Hello guys,

I’ve been looking and trying different ways to achieve this but no luck so far, maybe one of you have had the same issue and was able to solve it.

I have a one time payment membership that I want to give 3 days free access to, at the moment Memberstack doesn’t allow free trials in one time payment memberships so I was thinking maybe someone have ideas on how to achieve this.

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Hi! I am also having issues with this. And I am trying to solve a problem that came with another problem. Hopefully someone can help.

I also made a 3 day trial, but for a small fee. That way I can get people to give their credit card and they can try out my service. The goal is of course to convert them to premium paying members. However, the problem I have is that when the 3 day (paid) trial expires, and the user tries to log in again, it gives them the option of Renew Membership.

The issue is that some members might want to go premium now, so they don`t want to renew the old membership. Although, I want to give them the option of trying again if they want, but in the future I would want them to not be able to try this plan with the same email in the future. It is too easy to renew here, and I will lose money.

A button that says upgrade membership here could be useful.

This is the way I am trying to get around the issue, but it is not optimal.

Hopefully there is a solution to the free trial issues soon.

I have the same issue as Paul above. An upgrade option would be very useful here.

Hello guys @golfempire @psar ,

The way I solved this issue was like this:

  1. Created a one time membership that has an expiration of the trial period
  2. Created a second membership with no expiration and with the normal value I want to charge
  3. Created a coupon for the 100% of the value of the ‘trial membership’ and only that one, so people can signup using the coupon as it was a “trial” (the membership is going to expire after the trial period anyway)
  4. Inside the protected content I added a button that says “upgrade” and only shows for the people with that “trial membership”
  5. When people click on that ‘upgrade’ button they’re prompted to upgrade to the normal membership I created (the one that doesn’t expire) and voila.

NOTE: The coupon code only applies to the trial membership so you don’t need to worry about people using it for the normal membership.

Maybe this scenario doesn’t apply to everyone but I thought maybe someone can find it useful.

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Hi Aaron,
Thanks for sharing this.
I am still having an issue though because when that same user with the trial membership comes back after their trial has expired they are prompted to automatically renew their trial…