Free trial wording doesn't show up when a Member is upgrading from a free account to a paid account

I’m currently in Test Mode and have a question about the modal pop-up wording when a member chooses to upgrade their account from a free account to a paid account with a 90-day free trial.

I am offering two membership plans: “Member plan” (free) and “Therapist plan” ($19/month with a 90-day free trial).

On a brand new sign-up for the therapist plan, the sign-up modal shows the 90-day free trial wording, but for a member choosing to upgrade to from a free plan to a paid plan, the 90-day free trial wording doesn’t show up.

I thought of adding the additional words to the membership title “Therapist member (90-day free trial)”, but would rather avoid that since I may choose to adjust the length of the free trial period down the road and don’t want to have to start a new membership tier.

Do you know if the lack of free trial wording is just because the memberships are in Test Mode?


Here are some screenshots :smile:

This is how the modal looks when a free member is choosing to upgrade to a paid plan (no free trial wording):

This is the modal for a brand-new member signing up for a paid plan (free trial wording shows up):

Hey Tim :wave:

Currently, free trials are for new users only but after talking to the team we think having trials for upgrades as well would be a good idea. Adding this to our roadmap. Don’t have an ETA but we think this is important so it shouldn’t take long. :smiley:

:triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post: [Feedback sent to roadmap] :triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post:

OK awesome, would help me out a lot if this feature gets added!! In the meantime I think the best solution is to offer a manual coupon for any existing member, with a message like:
Already a free member? Email us to get a coupon code for a free 90-day trial before upgrading to the Therapist member plan.

Thanks @Josh-Lopez and looking forward to this potential change on the MS side :raised_hands:

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Hi, is this feature ready. I’m looking to create a multi-step sign up form where I collect the payment at the end and start their trial. So a user would sign up and add their information and then at page ‘step 4’ they could choose their plan and start their free trial.

The current multi-step sign up flow requires me to have the user sign up to a free account first and add there info, but then I can’t add a ‘select your plan’ page with a free trial, as free trials don’t work on upgrades.

Thanks in advance.


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Any updates on this?