Free trials - customer experience

Just trying to figure out exactly how the free trials work with Memberstack (and couldn’t see in the docs).

Let’s say I have a monthly membership with a 7 day trial.

Day 1: User signs up for this membership, isn’t required to enter their payment detail.
Day 3: User can log in, do everything they would do in the website as if they are a paid up member
Day 7: User receives notification from Stripe that their payment card on file will be charged (despite not having a payment card on file). Correct? (I know that these notifications can be turned off in Stripe, but I also want to send my paying members notifications that their card will be charged)
Day 21: User logs in again. They see a message similar to the below. If they add their card details then they would be charged for a subscription starting at Day 7, right? So they would pay for 1 month, which would renew on day 37, 16 days after paying for the renewal. Correct?

Is there any way, when a user logs in after their trial expires, for them to receive any kind of custom notification, or be sent to a less ambiguous checkout page?

At the moment the prompt for ‘update card details’, which doesn’t remind a user of the charges, is quite unclear and I guess will result in lots of user confusion.

Do you have any suggestions / case studies on how best to implement free trials in the most straightforward way for a user? Thanks.

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Hi Alastair, thanks for breaking this down so clearly. We really need to rethink free trials from the beginning. SCA really messed us up, and we haven’t had time to rebuild.

Best practice at this point is to not offer a free trial :frowning:

We may actually remove the feature until we have a chance to rework it.

Ok, thanks for confirming Duncan. I wasn’t sure whether I had missed something, and just wanted to understand how others had approached free trials…

If anyone is reading this who has had some success with implementing free trials with MS, I’d love to hear it :slight_smile:

Very helpful post, thanks @Alastair_Budge! I’m struggling with the same dilemma.

In my case, the fact that Memberstack won’t ask for the credit card until the free trial expires works perfectly. I will launch a beta version of a marketplace and wouldn’t like to collect credit cards initially.

However, charging them for days they haven’t accessed the website doesn’t feel right.

I was wondering if there’s a way to sign them up on a Free Membership and after 3 months move the users to a paid membership? Or update the Free Membership to paid.

Would that work?
Is there any workaround I can use?

Hi @DuncanHamra, is there any updated roadmap on this?

I just started getting my first users (on 7-day free trial) and was a bit disappointed to find this thread. I think I may switch to offering a promo code for a free month until user experience is updated for free trials.

Hi Memberstack,

is there any update on this? I have the same issue as Gus in that I want to invite testers into the site for free but have their card details stored and membership convert to paid after X days.

Appreciate the help!