Fulfillment additional fields for shipping costs as one time fee

New here) Hey team)
We’ve built a product website in Webflow. The product is a book that comes with a monthly subscription to access a video library (in Webflow).
We’re exploring an option where we bypass e-commerce by entering the book fee as a setup fee in memberstack. If so, the question now is how can we add radio buttons for shipping regions to add to a one-time-fee math (ex: east coast $15, mid west $20, outer rim 1M and so on).
Also, the client is using a fulfillmet service with FulfillRite Api and we’d like to ask memberstack to let us know if it’s compatible. Grand thank you.

Hey Gleb,

This is not currently possible with Memberstack. This is in our roadmap though but we have no ETA on it currently.

Josh, thank you for a quick reply. I understood that no radio buttons can be added. I think my option is to make multiple memberships in memberstack reflecting predefined totals for shipping under setup cost. Yet, please help me understand if we can push shipping data to fulfillment supplier from memberstack? Here’s fulfillment’s Api: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1e-H1rLY1PUWv57p6hixIuikswxc-Hiqm/view

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Hello again :wave:

To get the fulfillment going you would use zapier to fire one of FulfillRite’s webhooks. :smiley:

Here is a workflow:

  1. On form submit send data to memberstack to create a new member.
  2. When the new member is added to Memberstack you would have zapier get the info and push it to FulfillRite using their webhooks.

Thanks, bud! After long research, it turns out that the fulfillment supplier cannot receive data from webhooks. Thank you once again for looking into it!

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