GDPR Handling within a site

Wondered if anyone as we are collecting user data with memberstack has any best practice for covering GDPR compliance? Unsure if this is a notice on sign up? or otherwise?

Hey @davidc43,

Memberstack is GDPR compliant. I have linked a couple of useful security docs here that goes into a little more detail on GDPR within Memberstack here:
I also reccomend you looking over our other legal docs; Links to our Terms, Security Policy, DSR, Cookie Policy, and List of Sub-processors which can be found at the bottom of any Memberstack page.

Let us know if this helps or if you have any other security related questions😊

Hey Molly thanks for this, but I’m not with any legal background. Could you perhaps give me a top line overview? Do I need to display any alerts/messages or otherwise on my site concering GDPR and/or cookie alerts etc? or because my member data is falling into memberstack am I covered from that standpoint?