Get Member ID in Webflow Form to use in Zapier

Hey all!

So my sign up process is as follows;

  1. People sign up in my website (like any MemberStack sign up form, email + password)
  2. Then they are redirected to another page with more questions. This is a Webflow Form (because I need radio buttons, checkboxes, etc…)

Now I want to collect all of the data in an Airtable for my database (using Zapier). Step 1 is easy. Email + password + ID are pushed to Zapier, no problem.

But then the next step, is pushing the data from the Webflow form to Airtable through Zapier and connecting both forms by using the MemberStack ID. Using hidden fields I push the email + memberstack ID in the webflow form. The weird thing is, that the MemberStack ID is not pushed to Zapier for some reason.

Anyone has a clue? See screenshots below:

As you can see all data is recognized from the Webflow form in Zapier, EXCEPT for the MemberStack ID

It’s weird, because as you can see the “First name” and “Email” are being recognized, using these hinden fields in the Webflow form.


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Hi Rowan! I have good news and bad news.

Good news is I just checked the site, and I can confirm that the ID is working in the front-end. Meaning, the ID isn’t making it to Zapier for some reason.

Bad news is I don’t know what’s going wrong :confused:

Hey Duncan! This actually started working for some reason! Thanks for checking it out man!

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Hurrah!! That’s great to hear :smiley: If you see it break again, let me know.

Hey Rowan, I’m trying to submit memberstack ID in a Webflow form as well. Are you able to share the code you used, and where it needs to be inserted. That would be amazingly helpful!!

Use a hidden field with the embed code - I think it’s this:

I’ve run into this issue as well, and there’s a chance it’s not completely solved.

It could be that some of the info is not fully set up by the time you request it. I’ve sometimes been able to get the MemberStack ID but not the Webflow Item ID I associate with that member into Zapier upon creating the account.

The best solution I’ve found is a version of this:

This creates an interstitial that waits until the memberPage is created before moving onto the next step.

@DuncanHamra I would be curious to know if you agree that this could be the case, or if this step should not be necessary when working with MemberStack/Zapier/Webflow.

Hope that helps!

UPDATE: See this explanation for why this might be happening - Member-specific page button missing after sign up

So, I am having the same problem as Rowan, but my Memberstack ID is only generated/being passed for some form submissions and not all. Do you know why this is and how it can be fixed?