Getting a Forum Like This

Hey! Is there a way to implement a forum (like this one!) on my site using the login criterion from Memberstack as user/profile accounts so that members of my subscription-website community can forum with each other using the same log-in, ideally event not having to login in again to use a forum. Any advice on this or any forum/reddit style alternatives would be greatly appreciated.


Hey Sebastian :wave:

I’m so pumped you want to use Memberstack. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, we have more work to do before Memberstack is ready for you. We’ll need to create direct integrations with community tools and forum providers to safely share member data. I can’t give any ETAs, but we know this is something we’ll build in the future.

It’s not ideal but we’ve found having a separate forum isn’t a make-or-break inconvenience for most people.

Is it alright if I reach out when we have something for you?