Getting member id with ms-fields?

Hi there, a quick one.

Is there a way to pick a member ID using ms-fields?

No :sweat:

Member ID’s are automatically generated in our DB to be unique, and we can’t override that.

Got it!
I don’t want to overwrite it. Just wanted to add it to a hidden field to be recorded onto the Webflow CMS.


ah gotcha!

Well you do have access to it via Zapier. So you can most definitely get it into the webflow CMS.

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I have been stubborn and trying to get it done with Integromat. The interface just makes sense to me. But I guess I will switch to Zapier to take full advantage of the integration.

You should be able to use Integromat as well. Do you just need to access the member’s id in the new member webhook?

I needed to get the member ID from Webflow. I’m using memberstack’s member id as a unique identifier if my CMS. And needed to pass it on form submit to be able to let users edit their entries.

I thought about using their email addresses as unique identifiers. This way I can pull them using me-fields and pass it to Integromat.

Hope it makes sense. If not, I’d be happy to clarify.

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I also need a way on getting their ID using javascript.

@Othon_Guilherme_Mac check here:

If you know any javascript (i don’t and was still able to manage) it shouldn’t be so hard to do.