Giving Admins/collaborators access to some members but not others

For my project, I am assigning “coaches” to specific members on my sites. I would like to ensure they have access only to members they are assigned to and cannot access the member pages assigned to other coaches.

  • Is this possible?
  • If so, what is the best way to structure this, should I give my coaches admin access or collaborator access?


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Great question. I haven’t seen this being done yet. There may be a way with custom code. You may get information by adding your project to our Find an Expert form for help.

Thanks Josh! I guess I’m a little confused on how the “Collaborator” functionality works as outlined by this update:

As the article describes, it sounds like collaborators can work with specific clients/members. Is this correct? My question is really just whether or not a collaborator gets access to only specific clients/members or do they have access to all clients/members on my Memberstack site?

This is to give people access to your Memberstack dashboard as an admin. This gives them the ability to change anything in your dashboard including your stripe account. We do not currently have native functionality to add a collaborator with limited access yet.