Google Auto Ads

Newbie here. Thinking of using Memberstack but I need it to hide adverts on our website for members. This is straightforward with the data- attributes in the main body of the site, but I want it to hide our Google Adsense Auto ads code which is located in the . Any workarounds?
Thank you

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I haven’t added google adsense in a while lol. How are you adding it to the page currently? are you embedding it inside a div? If so you could add an attribute ( data-ms-content="!members" ) to the containing div. :smiley:

Hey, Thanks for the reply. I’ve been able to hide content in the main body of our site using data attributes. However I cannot get this to work with Google Auto Ads Code.
This is what I am using.

<div data-ms-content="!members">
<script data-ad-client="ca-pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" async src=""></script>

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Can you share a link to the page so I can see whats going on please? You can share here or a personal message. :smiley: