Google reCaptcha

I’m really struggling to figure out how to get Google reCaptcha running on the sign-up form and the sign-up modal.

Can anyone share the steps that they went through, please? Or what alternatives they might have.



Hey @ambrose,

Welcome to the Memberstack community🎉

We currently don’t have a reCaptcha feature. We can totally see why it would be very handy to have and it’s on our feature request map.

Hearing everyones suggestions are super helpful for us, I promise these feature requests don’t get lost!! I can keep you updated on this though.

We also haven’t seen it done before but would love for you to post here if you do figure out a custom-code workaround to implement :ok_hand:


Thanks, Molly. I look forward to hearing the solution when you roll one out.


I would love that as well. I have received some spammers. Do you have a way that I can approve the member ?

Hey @othongbdn and @ambrose,

Apologies for the delay in reply here!

This feature isn’t possible in Memberstack alone however we do have some workarounds for you. Firstly we have this article that walks you through how you can approve new members:

Secondly we are currently working on an article that walks through how you can create a hidden field and if that field gets filled in the you know it’s spam (apologies there’s a lot of fields in one sentence😅)

We will update this thread with the new article.

Thank you. Have done the workaround 2. The problem with number 2 is that anybody with the “Your account has been approved!” page can self approve.

Hey @ambrose, @Othon_Guilherme_Mac, @othongbdn,

Just checking in to let you know the reCaptcha feature is now live🎉

Heres is an article explaining how it works and how to enable/disable it.

Let us know if you have any questions😃