Group Chatroom validation


I wanted to find out if Memberstack can validate a users subscription on a group chat to determine if they are a still paying as a subscriber, or if I would have to manually do this- I’d assume if the area was gated in the first place the user wouldn’t be able to get access the chatroom.

On Discord you can create multiple roles that allow users to have access to specific areas of the room. For Example If you aren’t moderator you would not be able to access the staff chatroom, the room wouldn’t even be popped up because the user wasn’t gated to see the room.

I am able to create a subscription role on discord, and to only give access to those with the role, but Can I validate their rule using memberstack? (Zapier integrates with both) I would like to find a way that if the user is not paying for their subscription, their role is taken off of discord, so they no longer have access.

If I am over complicating this, definitely let me know if there is an easy alternative- Its unfortunate that most group chatrooms cost alot, and thankfully Discord is an open API so this may be possible.

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I wonder if you might be able to use the cancel member trigger from Memberstack to update their role in Discord?

Full disclosure: I’m shooting in the dark on this one :sweat_smile:

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