Group Registration Discounts

  1. Please build something that lets a person register multiple members at once - with a group discount.

  2. This is important to me because we just used Memberstack for our online conference (imported registrants from another registration system) and would like to use it as our registration system for our next conference. But we want to give people a cheaper group rate if they register 3 people or more. Right now, it seems like a person can only register themselves, but companies often have one person register multiple employees on their behalf. Out of about 900 registrations at our last conference, there were about 100 group registrations.

  3. My current workaround is … I really don’t have one. I could make a “group rate” membership plan that was cheaper or provide a coupon code but I’d have now way of controlling who used it and it won’t let multiple people register at once or detect if a person is part of a group. We could also have people call us to register them individually on their behalf at a cheaper rate but we have a lot of groups register and we don’t have the staff for this.

Hey Sean :wave:

Thank you for the feedback! Much appreciated. :pray:

I have added this to our roadmap.

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