Have access to an administrative dashboard

Hello community;

I’ve been discovering Memberstack all day long but I feel i’m stuck! Basically, what I’m trying to do is to have
an admin dashboard inside my webflow project where these admins can have access to a list of all user who has sign up in my webflow project through memberstack.
This I managed to do quit easily with Zapier, but the second part appears more blurry to me.

What I want is to have a kind of a copycat to my memberstack admin dashboard but inside webflow; in my company we have dozens of people who want to have access to all the profiles our users create as we need to check of them before we contact them.

So, i’m wondering if, in pages visible by admins profiles only, it is possible to

  • See a list of all people signed up that I can filter by membership type, name or email
  • Being able to click on one people in order to access his profile and info on a dedicated page created on my webflow

I have doubt on the second point; but we never know maybe with some tricks I can manage that :slight_smile:

Hey Clément :wave:

Welcome, and thank you for posting in the forum! :partying_face:

To answer quickly, yes this is possible but it is an advanced use case. What is your experience level with Javascript? If you are comfortable with javascript we have a backend API now that can pull a list of members. I can also share some advanced tutorials that should get you on the right track. :smiley: