Having issues getting memberstack to work on my webflow site

I’m having some issues getting memberstack to function as expected on my webflow site.

Best way to replicate what I’m seeing is to go to:

http://silver-lining.webflow.io/signup and create an account. After signing up, it is meant to direct the user to /dashboard but I just get kicked back to the /signup page.

I’ve got it set up in Memberstack to send users to /dashboard after a successful signup so cannot see what is going wrong (unless I need to publish to get it to work, even though it’s in test mode?)

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you

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Hi Chris, I’m sure we can get this sorted :slight_smile:

Can you confirm that dashboard page is getting unlocked? You can find this on the https://app.memberstack.io/memberships page

Hey Duncan, thx for reaching out! I actually managed to fix it earlier today. Thx!

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