Having three member specific pages for one member


Im building a webpage for my architecture clients to view their proyect status and files, I currently have one member that has 3 proyects with me. I have a dropdown list with al his proyects set up that has a link to each proyect page. The only problem is that the user can only acces one page and then when he clicks the dropdown menu to redirect him to another page it tells him Acess Denied.

Is there a way to have multiple user specific pages for one user?

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Hi Gerardo, I hope you’re having a great weekend so far! :smiley:

Your question is a tough one. We built this feature so each user could have access to one specifc page, but not the others… But I can totally see why you need to give access to more than one page.

Here’s one option:

  1. Remove the “folder or CMS collection” from the power-ups page (but don’t disable the member specific page feature.)
  2. Then, re-hide the content so that all members have access to it. You can do this from the memberships page.
  3. Now, if you’re worried about members getting access to eachothers content you can give each page a crazy random page slug. That’ll make it impossible for someone to guess another user’s specific page.

Hope this helps!

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If you’re setting slugs for each project page, here’s a tool for generating a UUID, a super random string of numbers and letters that, so random, is about as hard to guess as a Bitcoin private key. This is basically the equivalent to an unlisted YT video: