Help me with this using webflow- limited code

I’m using MemberStack right now, but I’m trying to have a system in place based on different landing pages having different membership types.

For example, customer lands Fromm google ads onto X PAGE can only see 7 days free trial.

Customer lands from Facebook A page, and they see 30 days free trial instead. How can you do this?

Also, my other question is when the customer goes to cancel can they be offered an extended trial only once?

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Hi there!

It sounds like you need an AB testing tool like Google Optimize. That’s just one example, but I know there are tons of services that could do what you need.

You’ll need to build both pages, then your AB testing tool will service each page at random.

We don’t have an extended trial feature. I’ll add it to our roadmap. Do you have any examples of sites that do this well? I know I’ve seen some before, but none spring to mind