Help with mutltistep sign up form

Hey, All! :wave: I’m a newbie, trying to fathom out how to integrate the memberstack multi-step sign up form into the memberstack light template membership theme. Any pointers would be very much appreciated! Cheers :beers:

Hey Ian :wave:

We have all been where you are at. :slight_smile:

We have recently created a new article explaining multi-step sign up forms here. If you provide me with a little more info I can help guide you along further. What service/platform are you using to build the website?

Hey Josh, thanks for getting back to me!

Basically I am new to both memberstack and webflow, I cloned the which created one project in webflow - I also need multi step sign up as need extra data through forms - so i also cloned - which started another project, then i found i had three and got in a muddle with hoting and plans and my card number had to be entered - I’m a sucker! anyways - Today - ive learnt about embedding - is this what I should have done with the forms instead of cloning? If so - where should I embed it into the membstack template - page etc - everyday’s a school day! your guidance would be most welcome! WIth thanks, Ian

Hello again :wave:

This is kind of tricky. In webflow, you can copy and paste from one project to another. I suggest creating your pages needed for the custom signup form and then copy and paste the content from the cloned project to your main project. Here is a link to a video on it. If this is too much I would use our design/dev help page to get yourself all setup. :smiley:

Thanks Josh, I have taken a look already at that, I will endeavour to see if I understand it again. If not will go along as your suggestion. Just wondering is it possible to set form field variables , if possible would that be done in webflow or memberstack? Are there any instructions too?

Is it possible to also embed airtable forms into these too?

I really like the memberstack template, it could be perfect if I figure it all out, and please for the love of God, how do I edit the blue love heart in the top left of the template?

With many thanks, Ian

Here is a list to all the webflow articles we have. You can get airtable to work with webflow and Memberstack. Here are 2 videos that talk about that:

to edit the blue heart double click on the navbar and you will be able to edit the brand image. :smiley:

Thanks very much, those guides are helpful, but I’m afraid it has not really solved my issue, for novices like me who stumbled across webflow and memberstack as alternatives platform to what I currently use, it is not so much out of the box as one would hope, it would have been very helpful if at the start of the multi step - custom form video, if there was an brief into part at the beginning about embedding/inserting into other projects on webflow - if I had been able to see that from the start, I would have progressed with my project and not needed to make contact, nowI feel I have fallen at the first hurdle, and need a A level in webflow before I can continue any further, if at all - just some general feedback for you guys - thanks again. Ian

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Hey Josh, hope you are good! Anywho’s seem I am learning the ropes a little in ! in webflow - and wanted to do a re-boot - I believe i requested account deletion - in error. I then discovered the delete website part! I would be grateful if you are able to remove the request to delete my membership account and I will continue ploughing on! With thanks! Best. Ian

Hey Ian :wave:

I just put a stop to the profile deletion! You are safe!

I am glad you are getting the hang of things :smiley: