Help with setting up multiple user types

Hey team,

Since I asked my question on an older forum question I was unsure if it would be received by you, so positing in a fresh one here.

I am still a bit unsure about what the process would be for setting up multiple user profiles. I will explain my usecase:

  1. I have one signup form for companies: (I have actually already set up memberstack workflow on this)
  2. Another one for candidates: (I have NOT set up any workflow on this). How do I create a different data attribute for this signup page (for the “Candidate” User).

I don’t want to create a multistep sign up form where the second step differentiates the two users. I want two different sign up links as shown in point 1 and 2 above .

I have created a custom sign up form and not a modal. But how do I go about this?

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Thanks, I was able to figure this out by myself.

Can you please help me with an alternate challenge I am having? Let me explain what I have done till now (I shall put this on the forum as well if it works better).


I have built two signup flows:

a) A single step sign up for companies (

b) A multi-step sign up for candidates ( This was done based on the template by Memberstack here: and the tutorial here: I have all the custom fields working correctly in both flows.

My questions

Now, I will be creating a CV/Resume page for each candidate. And I want a candidate to be able to view their own CV. This can, of course, be done by adding the CV design to the CMS collection page of a candidate and then adding it to the member-specific page in the Memberstack dashboard.

  1. However, I want companies to view CVs of all candidates. Wouldn’t the CVs of all candidates be blocked to companies the moment I do the above?

  2. Does this mean that I will have to duplicate the Candidates collection? The original one would be used for a candidate-only view and the duplicate one for companies?

Please let me know!

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Great questions!

  1. Because Memberstack hides URLs and not actual collection items we can work out a solution for you. You can lock down each individual CV, and then create a CMS collection list on a page that companies can see. Companies won’t be able to make edits, but they can see them.

  2. Instead of duplicating the collection, you can duplicate where the one collection appears on your site. Does that make sense?

Thanks for the reply Duncan, really appreciate it.

For 1. When you say you can lockdown each individual CV - that would mean creating each individual CV manually isn’t? Because if we are using the CMS collection page for companies, can’t really use that template for individuals as well. Sorry, if I am not getting your idea here.

For 2. Sorry, this one was a bit too succinct an explanation for my brain :stuck_out_tongue:

Still a new user of Memberstack, so some of these concepts are still developing in my head :))

Hey Karthik :wave:

Let me clarify a little better. :smiley:

For 1. Here is more information on excluding hidden content.

For 2. Duncan is mentioning showing the CMS collection items in another part of the website. Here is an article from Webflow about CMS collections. Simplified, it would be showing the same CMS collection just in a different place.

We have been working hard on our brand new help center! If you search for something there and can’t find it, please let us know! :smiley:

Hey Josh, thanks for your reply. I’ll see if the link for 1 helps me.

But on 2., the link you have shared directs me to webflow’s article on collection lists, not an article written by memberstack. Am I missing something here?

You are not missing anything :smiley: I linked that so you know what I was talking about when I mentioned CMS collections just to make sure. :+1:

I hope you are having a great day!

Thanks for the reply Josh.

But you said, “Here is an article from Memberstack about CMS collections” and you linked to a webflow community article which is about basic CMS collections.

“Simplified, it would be showing the same CMS collection just in a different place.” - would be great if you can point me to where this is explained.

I apologize. I just fixed it!

To answer your question:

You would not duplicate the collection, you would create a new collection list element showing the content you want on a different page that is available for all users.

I hope this is helpful :smile:

For anyone else looking for a solution to the problem I have stated here. You would be creating a central list of candidates that companies have access to, using a collection list.

Inside this collection list and under a collection item add a div which opens up as a full-page modal. Here you would have access to the data/fields specific to that particular candidate and can hence design the CV of the candidate entirely. So, this modal view would be for companies and for candidates, they can view the CV through the CMS collection page.

Hope that helps.