Hi Newbie here Two types Membership?

Hi, I am building a website and app for a company that provides course materials for students. ATutor/Teacher will upload course study materials PDF’s, video, Word docs links, and so on. The teacher will grant access to the course notes to students; the materials need to behind a password or code.

So I need two forms of membership and access: the student will need to have free access via an invitation from the teacher. The teacher or school will need to pay to host the course notes.

Is this possible with Memberstack? If yes, how would I go about achieving this?

Thanks in advance

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Hey Jonathan! Welcome to the forum :partying_face:

I’m confident Memberstack can get you closer to your goal, but I’m not sure we’ll have everything you need built in.

  1. Uploads can happen via the website builder (and you can use Memberstack to hide the page)
  2. If you need a shared password, then your website builder’s password protected pages might be the best way to go here. If each student needs their own, we can help!
  3. The invitation might be a bit tougher… are you familiar with Zapier? If so, you can create a teacher admin page with a form on it. When a teacher enters a students info and submits that could generate an email to the student with a link to a “secret” signup page. Zapier would be responsible for collecting that info and passing it onto a mailing tool

Hope that all makes sense! As you can see, Memberstack can help, but it won’t get you aaaall the way there.