Hide Button to non-members

Hi there,

I’m building a subscription site in Webflow. At the moment I have 2 family memberships with access to different content each. In the navbar in the homepage I would like to have a Dashboard button that is only visible once you are logged in. Is that possible? I have seen that with attribute “data-ms-content=!members” you can hide a button once people login, while being visible for everyone (e.g. Signup button) but I want the contrary. I have tried without the exclamation mark with no success.

Also, if possible, I would like that button to bring the users to the default page in Memberstack after they login (different for each family member). Is that possible?

In summary:

  1. Create a Dashboard button only visible to logged in members
  2. Create a Dashboard button that brings logged in members to the default page in Memberstack once they login.

I’m probably missing something and will appreciate if someone could guide me in the right direction.


Hey Ruben :wave:

Welcome. Thanks for joining and posting in the forum! The information you are looking for is in the “Tag members-only content” on this page. If you have any other questions please ask! :smiley: